Cold Pressed And Hot Pressed

Cold press and hot press are two different oil production processes, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Cold pressing is carried out in the case where the oil materials is not heated, and after being cleaned, it is directly put into the oil press machine for pressing . Such a pressing method is difficult to press clean once, and the oil cake also has oil . Hot pressing is just the opposite of cold pressing. The oil is pressed after heating. This type of pressing method can be squeezed once. The oil cake is almost free of oil. The oil cake is completely deoiled. It can be used when making oil-free material cakes.

Cold-press technology is named because it is operated in an environment of about 65°, but it is not easy to maintain a constant temperature of 65° during mechanical running-in. The entire process is carried out at a low temperature of 65° or less, and no chemical treatment is required at all, which simplifies the refining process while ensuring the quality of the edible oil. Advantages of cold pressing: the color is relatively light, when the oil is pressed, there will be no foaming, and there will be no casserole phenomenon, and the color is better. Disadvantages: The taste of the oil is not very fragrant, and it takes more than two times to squeeze it clean.
Hot-pressed oil refers to the production of the oil press machine after the oil is heated, generally in the range of 120-130 °, and can be activated at high temperatures to make it easier to precipitate from the oil. The oil extraction efficiency is increased, and the virgin oil is filtered after being filtered by a centrifugal oil filter. The oil extracted by the hot press oil press has many advantages, and the hot pressed oil is fired at a high temperature. Improve the taste of edible oils and have a rich aroma. In high temperature environment, the protein in the oil is denatured, which greatly reduces the content of polyunsaturated fatty acids in edible oil and even produces trans fatty acids. And the customer does not have the phenomenon of frothing and overflowing during cooking. The hot-pressing machine produces more peanut oil, sesame oil, rapeseed oil and so on.
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