Some people think that only olive salad, not cooking, frying and other more high-temperature cooking, because the nutrients will be destroyed, the fact that really the case?
What is special about olive oil?
Olive oil is an edible oil, olive oil is a fruit as raw materials for.
Olive greatest nutritional advantage that the single contains a high level of unsaturated fatty acids – oleic acid (up 83%), oleic acid has been shown to be beneficial to the prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
In addition, olive oil also contains some ingredients with antioxidant functions, such as vitamin E, polyphenols (such as chlorogenic acid, lignans) and the like.

Olive oil for high temperature cooking it?
From the terms of oleic acid content of olive oil, olive oil, heat resistance will be stronger than those rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, soybean oil, corn oil, olive oil, so in addition to salads, but also can be fried, fried, fried .
However, olive oil also contains other ingredients, its heat resistance will also have some impact. According to China’s national standards, olive oil into virgin olive oil, refined olive oil and olive oil mixed categories.

Cold Press Olive oil

Virgin olive oil:
Extra virgin olive oil is the use of mechanical pressing and other physically preparing olive oil directly from the fruit out, without refining, Central Plains and some fruit preserves all the nutrients. Edible virgin olive oil is divided into two “extra virgin olive oil” and “Intermediate virgin olive oil,” the former higher nutritional quality.
Refined olive oil:
Refined olive oil through the refining process, higher purity, but the nutritional quality decline.

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Mixed Olive Oil:
Mixing olive oil refined olive oil and virgin olive oil edible after mixing, nutrient quality between.
For extra virgin olive oil, because has not been refined, polyphenolic compounds contain an antioxidant, and chlorophyll that will promote the oxidation of sensitive substances, if used cooked at high temperatures (over 120 ℃), will make olive oil some nutrients and functional ingredients damage.
The refined refined olive oil, because most of the antioxidants, special aroma ingredients have been destroyed by cooking it is also more difficult to smoke (ie smoke point increase), high-temperature cooking it to do (such as fried , frying) more suitable.
Olive oil is also suitable for mixing of hot dishes, like fried, cooked at high temperatures.
Therefore, we often talk about olive oil to low-temperature cooking, in fact, mainly for the purposes of virgin olive oil. The refined olive oil comparison, can be used for cooking. That is to say, virgin olive oil is only used for cold or low temperature cooking, such as steamed, soup, do stuffing, while refined olive oil can be used to stir-fried, fried, fried and other relatively high-temperature cooking.
But out of consideration for health, no matter what kind of oil to use, should avoid cooking temperature is too high.

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