Automatic oil press machine maintenance manual

       Many customers will ask when buying an oil press: “How long is the life of this oil press?” The answer is not accurate. The life of the oil press machine is the same as the life of a person, and it is long and short. If your physical condition is not good, or you don’t pay attention to maintenance, you will live naturally. The same is true for the oil press. If the quality of the oil press is unqualified, it must be a major failure during the use process, and the glitch will continue. Such an oil press will not withstand the toss. However, then again, if there is no problem with the quality of the oil press, it is not strictly in accordance with the operating procedures during the use, or the oil press is not regularly inspected and maintained. Many lesions will continue to appear. To solve in time, it will also face abortion. Therefore, in order to extend the service life of the oil press, first of all, we must select the oil press equipment that passes the quality. Secondly, in the daily production, the oil press should be operated correctly and the maintenance and maintenance should be carried out regularly. Only by doing these two things can we maximize the service life of the oil press. The following is a summary of the maintenance of the fully automatic oil press by us.


        Automatic oil press machine maintenance hand:

  1. After every 50 hours of operation, the smooth condition should be checked. The oil cup on the gearbox should not be short of oil. The screw shaft should be adjusted from the adjusting screw hole to the oil in the screw hole. Dry grinding is strictly prohibited.
  2. The parts of the oil should be protected from dust and other impurities. The oil quality of the gearbox should be checked once a year. If it is found to be entangled, all oil should be changed.
  3. When the pressing amount is reduced and the cake or oil is not normal, the screw shaft should be pulled out to check the wear condition of the pressing screw, the pressing bar and the cake ring, and the worn parts should be changed in time.
  4. After each shift is completed, the residual cake in the machine should be cleaned immediately, and the dust and grease on the surface of the machine should be cleaned.
  5. When the oil press is stored for a long time, it should be fully maintained at one time, and the screw, the squeeze bar and the cake ring should be removed and washed again.

 Customers and friends, the above is the maintenance rules of the fully automatic oil press summarized by our company. It is hoped that every operator must strictly implement it. It is strictly forbidden to operate according to the operating instructions on the instruction manual of the oil press, which will not only cause the oil press machine. Failure will also pose a danger to your life safety. In addition, regular maintenance and maintenance of the oil press is an effective measure to extend the life of the oil press. Therefore, if the quality of the oil press is not problematic, the service life of the oil press is completely in the hands of the customer.

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