Common Failure Analysis of Peanut Oil Press Machine


  1. Peanut oil press rotating shaft is stuck – the reason is that the feeding is too fast, the oil hard shell is too much and the dry, the cake gap is too small, the cake ring is not smooth, the body temperature is low or there is a hard object with the oil into the squeeze Hey.

In this case , the work should be stopped immediately, the cake slag in the squeezing should be poured out, the hard shell should be removed; the moisture of the oil and the gap of the cake should be adjusted; the cake circle should be polished; the temperature of the body should be raised, and the cake slag in the squeegee should be removed. Then reboot.


  1. Abnormal sounds – mainly due to hard objects such as metal or stones entering the machine , loose fasteners, poor lubrication, uneven feeding or excessive slamming.

The method of elimination is to stop the work immediately, clean the squeeze bar, and tighten the screws at each part, add the lubricant and evenly feed.


  1. The oil output speed is unstable–mainly because the dry humidity of the oil is not suitable, the gap between the pressed strips is too small, the material slag is blocked, the body temperature or the material temperature is too low.

The method of elimination is to adjust the moisture of the oil, check the gap of the strip, and adjust the dredging oil path to increase the machine temperature or material temperature.

  1. The machine is seriously scum–the first reason is that the strip is worn and the gap is too large; the second is that the pressure is too high.

The solution is to replace the squeezer and adjust the gap; the second is to adjust the gap of the press or replace the new parts.


  1. The productivity is low and the cake is too thick – the reason is that the rod is seriously worn and the slag is much slag; the second is that the thread of the rod is blocked by the slag.

The first solution is to adjust the gap between the cakes; the second is to remove the debris in the thread of the screw.


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